Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fallen out of blogging

I know, I have not been blogging at all in months, and I also know that you are still checking it regularly. But what can I say? This one-way conversation was interesting as long as I felt the need to vent and somehow expose the IRI. Today it is one year after the deaths, the tortures, the rapes... and the world has finally come to know what has been going on for years, decades. And when Mr. Larijani says at the UN that "we are, perhaps, the only, the greatest democracy in the Middle East" it raised laughter in the audience.
So you will understand why there is no longer much to say here, and perhaps decide to communicate differently.

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Dear Arthemis,

I am trying to consolidate the work of a number of Iranian bloggers on a single theme: freedom of expression – the major underlying reason of blogging. This covers a wide range of areas from free expression to free opinion, from censorship in art to internet filtering and so on. I was wondering if you might be interested in joining this project?

Here is what we do:

Azad Tribune is a part of ARTICLE 19’s project on Iran. This bilingual website tries to combat all forms of censorship in Iran, and to do this, we feature activists, bloggers and journalists. People like Shirin Ebadi, Maziar Bahari, Arash Kamangir and many more have written for us. We also link to other websites and we have a database of arrested dissidents since January 2009. We hold events with big names like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, but also with less known NGOs such as United4Iran and Prisoners of Conscience.

Please let me know if you are interested and we can take another step towards addressing human rights issues in Iran.


P.S. Sorry I could not find your contact details and that is why I am writing here. To contact me, please email me at

Anonymous said...

Can not but agree with previous authors. I fully support it.